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Thread: Sirius Weekly Thread 12-21-09

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    Short interest down considerably!!!

    Short interest down from 72.8 million to 59 million!

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    HEY SRKILL, BOOOO,are you feeling ok,your seeing me all over this board like a ghost,have you lost it...would never post under an alias,not like someone we

    Merry Christmas to all here at the BUZZ....

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    Thank You JohnnyIrishXM.

    Merry Christmas back at you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by socalrunningfool View Post
    Thanks Socal, good reviews.

    Can't believe we will be starting the last week of the year
    tomorrow. Where has 2009 gone?!!
    Time for new year resolutions.
    Same one every year. To be more organized.
    By second week, forgotton.

    Can't be PERFECT in everything.


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