I love this, I knew Havasucker would fall for it. Yes thats is right she blacked out a "McCain for president" hat, that is true. I like her even more for it, why because it just proves that the media lied about Palin (remember the expensive wordrope they made an issue of, remember the ONLY ONE EXAMPLE the AP could find of her staying in a high priced hotel). Well this is a women that just got a few million for her book and is on the best seller list, and instead of just buying a new hat, this millionaire wore a old one. It just proves what she has always said about herself which is she does not in general get her cloths from high priced stores.

I know havasucker would like to think the fact she blacked out a campaign slogan with McCain is a big deal. Well then I have to ask when was it you saw anyone wearing a World Series T-shirt of the team that LOST the World Series. Thats right you never have because noone does. You see that is the kind of commonsense thing that Havasucker misses (hence the sucker in his name).