I saw another thread here about installing Sirius in a Jeep Wrangler and thought I would share my installation technique which I think works a bit better.


I used the suction cup holder, attaching it to the bottom of the windshield on the left-hand side of the inspection sticker. It's a great location because I don't have to move my eyes far from the road to see what's playing. It's also easy to route cables to this location.


I put the antenna puck on top of the roll bar that goes between the speakers, just like the original poster, but I put mine INSIDE the roll bar cover. I unzipped the cover and placed the puck onto the roll bar, right between the two front seats. The roll bar padding helps hold it in place as does the magnetic back of the puck, but just to be sure it doesn't move around too much I used the sticky part that goes around the tail of the puck to hold it in place. I routed the cable to the right of the Jeep and then down the right-hand roll bar by the passenger seat, unzipping the roll bar cover to get the cable inside of it. I routed the rest of the cable under the carpeting on the right side of the jeep and then up behind the glove box (had to remove the glove box to do so) and then up underneath the defroster vent cover (only held in place by metal clips, so you can remove it by gently prying it loose). I routed it to the left of the middle clip on the defroster cover.


I removed the dash cover below the steering wheel. I had to remove 2 screws below and to either side of the steering wheel, then gently pry the two metal clips at the top and to either side of the piece loose. I plugged the adapter into the cigarette lighter and routed the cable up underneath the center console piece (it took some finagling to get it there), then into the space behind the dash piece I just removed. I kept the excess cable back there with a twist tie and routed the rest of the cable up the left side of the center console to the Sportster dock.

I also use the direct fm connection (bought separately) to increase the sound quality...the fm antenna from outside the jeep connects to an extension cable behind the glove box, so I unplugged that and hooked it into the direct fm connection. I took the output from the fm connection and routed it the same way I did the antenna cable.

All in all I'm happy with the location of my Sirius radio, the antenna's reception, and the way the cables look. I'd recommend using this method for your Wrangler.