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Thread: World's Top Polluter Emerges as Green-Technology Leader

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    World's Top Polluter Emerges as Green-Technology Leader

    "Executives at Trina and Yingli (Chinese solar companies) say increased economies of scale from making more solar panels for China will push costs even lower. 'We could go to $1 a watt by the end of 2010,' which would be
    a landmark in bringing solar power in parity with conventionally produced electricity, says Yingli's Chief Executive, Miao Liansheng, a veteran of the People's Liberation Army who sold cosmetics before turning to solar panels."

    The following is a very interesting and fair article about this subject.

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    China is the country that John prefers pulls ahead of us in the alternative energy field. Wonder why? Hmmm.

    He is part of the do nothing Republicans

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