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Thread: Boston/ Repeater question

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    Boston/ Repeater question

    Is there any way to tell if a repeater is down? I usually hit a Boston repeater at work, and it hasn't worked since Friday afternoon. Anybody in the Boston area have this problem?

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    Hi - I'm in Cambridge, MA at work, and I am having the same problem. It did not work Friday afternoon, and when I came into work this morning, it's still not working. Since my window faces due east, I cannot get satellite reception, so I depend on the repeaters.


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    I work in Cambridge as well and there has definitely been a loss in signal strength at certain points of my commute. I dont know how you could know for sure but, it certainly seems like something has changed.
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    I called customer service and they said the repeater has been down since Friday afternoon. I asked if it should be fixed in the next few days and he said it should be.

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    I'm on the South Boston waterfront and it just went on about 10 minutes ago

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