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Thread: Sirius Sub Leader ?

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    Sirius Sub Leader ?

    Sirius announced yesterday that they would report earnings in two weeks . Coincidentally or not the same day that the FCC is scheduled to meet . Some are saying that this has significance . I am not sure about that since the FCC meeting is later in the day and Sirius is reporting at 8 in the morning . I would think that if Mel Karmazin knew something concrete that he would wait till after the FCC announced their decision .To my recollection this is the first time in the Mel Karmazin era when Sirius will report earnings before XM .

    To my knowledge XM has yet to release EOY sub #'s . After they lowered their projections early in 2007 . Most analysts agreed that they would easily attain their projected 9 million subs for EOY 2007 . The fact that they have been silent for this long after the new year came upon us leads me to believe that they failed AGAIN miserably .

    I believe that there is a good possibility that Mel Karmazin is going to announce that Sirius has passed the 9 million mark and XM in subscriber numbers in two weeks .

    Any thoughts any one ?
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