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Thread: Toyota to Sell Plug-In Hybrid in 2011.

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    Toyota to Sell Plug-In Hybrid in 2011.

    John I think your looking more and more foolish everyday with your statement that hybrids arent technologically and economically viable for another 20 years
    (or even later).

    Get on board the car is leaving.
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    "Toyota has been focused on plans to introduce hybrid technology to all its models by 2020. But Toyota's rivals are surging ahead" ... Toyota is now increasing its pace. "Several tens of thousands" of the plug-in version of it Prius hybrid will go on sale in 2011 the automaker said Monday."

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    For those who dont have time to read the whole article read the following.

    "To address some constraints on its electric vehicle, the company (Nissan) is readying a lithium-ion battery that will power a car for 300 kilometers on a single charge, about twice the distance currently possible, Japan's largest business daily, The Nikkei, reported last month, without identifying its source. With a technological leap of that magnitude, and with rising concerns over global warming, consumers could rapidly shift from gasoline cars and hybrids to zero-emissions technology, said Hiroshi Shimizu, an environmental studies professor at Keio University in Tokyo and and electric car advocate. 'When the market decides on what technology will be dominant,' Mr. Shimizu said, 'carmakers better be ready, or ready to fall out of the race'.
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    Cave dweller John fell out of the race a long long time ago.

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    This is the car i will probably buy in 2012 unless the other car companies come out with something competitive. Dying to get one of these. I have photovoltaic panels up in my country place that i can use to recharge the battery.

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    Important pronouncement by Toyota. They have until now been resisting the move toward plug-in hybrids and electrics. What this tells you is that they see the writing on the wall as they watch all the advancements taking place with other car companies.

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    Back to the regularly scheduled station. Sorry for the interruption. I actually thought this was a fairly interesting article.

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    ...and in the beginning of 2010 there was the hybrid. You cant stop the flood John so take the finger out of your ass.

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    Just trying to bring this full circle cause its the thread i started with today and really cared to discuss.

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