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Thread: Market Watch week of 12/14 to 12/31 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Dave View Post
    LOL Socal!

    Yeah, I get on a string of posting too much, and it's quiet in here. I'm trapped at my GF's parents place, and they just like to watch football the entire day and night. After a while the sound of the TV drives me nuts, so I came in the other room.

    May all your trades be green this year my man! (or at least 60% where the % gains are also greater than the % losers).

    Thank you for the good luck wish. I plan to read with much interest posts from you and others that help me to make 2010's trading profitable.

    Dave. I sent you a PM with a yahoo email address I made for you so you can sign in for the chat tomorrow or whenever you get a chance. Hope it helps.


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    Hey guys ...

    Bill, I hear ya.

    Dr.D, Candleman, et. al ...

    Already started on my New Years resolutions with some gusto. Awhile back made a mention of learning just how this whole underworld of pennies 'works' and getting beat up is always a good experience ... I think "Doing your DD" is or can be something of a cop-out, in other words often times the belief system goes first and colors the objective\perspective so that a discount is built in under the guise of "Prove me wrong" rather than prove this right - Very generic and generally speaking here. This is the motif of many on the shrub and I think it was Dr.D who pointed out earlier on another stock how the "believers" continue in their denial even though it has proven to be worthless ...

    I am including myself somewhat in this half-baked "DD" as I have failed to really do an intensive research on some of these over the course of the last year and got bit by it, MGLG being a now, classic example. History being that great teacher that it is and tooling around the shrub, (which I am finding to be more educational than I ever thought it could be) ... popped back in on EVFL\EVFN\Where's ET or whatever they are calling themselves now and found that this whole thing is one, long running scam to put it bluntly. Going back through the history and I lost numerous links on the whole rabbit trail, but to bring it current, the latest R\S I believe commenced just around Thanksgiving -600-1 and put the SP @ .06 - Right now, it's @ 0.008. Needless to say there is a track record that goes back with this "CEO" of doing this over and over again. Very clever of them to distract and confuse everybody with dividends in a variety of other companies, there isn't a soul on that board that can grasp what is going on, but it is simply dilution and manipulation. A lot of ticked off people over there right now.

    I am starting to pay greater heed to some of these so called 'bashers', follow up on them, follow them around if you will ... after awhile you start to get kind of a feel from some of them, the inter-workings of others, their longevity and posting history etc. One of them, who pops in on the 'little aerospace co. that could' occasionally and has no qualms voicing his opinion got me doing a little more research on that other Q company that makes software and is about to merge- reverse merge here shortly. Did some digging around on their CEO and here is just a sample of some past history;

    A couple of very short articles, be sure to read the second one as it follows up on the first about 6 months later.

    I had a whole plethora of various articles up and as often happens clicking on certain sites will cause the browser to lock up and everything goes down with it. A bit tedious to pull it all back up again from the browser history. Bottom line, similar histories with these and many others like them. Reverse splits, highly dilutive O\S-A\S, dumping of shares ...

    This year the cynicism meter will not be turned off under any circumstance, in fact, I rigged it so that it is constantly on high alert and will send taser like jolts via cattle prods anytime I even think about passing on any serious and realistic "DD".

    Plan on starting a new thread on education for these pennies, got a few things saved that already are proving to be quite valuable and that really have me questioning that last lone ranger that I continue to waver, Cybil like on ... More on that later

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