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Thread: The AP Destroys the Phony Climategate Scandal

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    The AP Destroys the Phony Climategate Scandal

    Surprise. Surprise. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out the deniers are liars.!

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    John i always try to show independent studies to back up my beliefs.
    John you always show right wing websites including Fox news.
    Whats up with that?

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    Read it and please stop posting info from Oil company bought scientists.

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    Wasnt the head of the AP a Bush supporter?

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    Here we go again.

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    and again and again and again. LOL>

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    You climate change denying, Beck and palin loving, Fox ingesting, cave dwelling, narcissistic swallowing cretining

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    Oh no you dont you cave dwelling, taliban loving mo fo.

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    This message is important read it and see all the lies of the deniers debunked

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