Is there anyone on these boards who shares my interest in Talk Left? I am a dyed-in-the-wool far-left-wing liberal who has never, ever been able to enjoy listening to a left-wing talk show. All the talk shows here in the Philly area are right-wing. I listened anyway because I love talk shows. My favorites on Talk Left are Mike Malloy and Lynn Samuels. I like to listen to Mike because I want to be there when he has his stroke right there on national radio. He is so intense (and funny at the same time) that I sit glued to my Sirius. He yells and screams and (almost) curses and calls Mr. Bush "Chucklenuts." At least it's a way to introduce younger (young adults) people to politics in a way they may enjoy and still learn at the same time. Lynn Samuels is just as far left as I am. She has a very thick NY accent and is great fun to listen to. Any other left wingers on here or am I totally alone? If I am, I'll be quiet, I promise.