I noticed today that Sirius has a special page up showing a bunch of Sirius hosts and their predictions for the Super Bowl; http://www.sirius.com/superpicks

So, I decided to pose this same question to the members of this forum with a twist. The member who guesses the score which is closest to the actual final score will receive a $50 gift card for the Sirius.com shop.

1. Members must have at least 5 quality posts to place a guess.
2. Only 1 guess per member is allowed.
3. Your guess must be unique! (no ties)
4. I, the host of the contest, is allowed to guess (If I am correct...no one wins!)
5. All entries must be entered before kickoff.

Current Entries

SiriusBuzz = Pats 35-17
clueless = Pats 31-13
TSavery = Pats 34-23
Newman = Pats 35-27
minnesota = Pats 35-24
Graz21982 = Pats 35-28
eduardo = Pats 27-24