On the topic of the fm transmitters in the latest Sirius receivers being weakened and/or removed ~ I am currently trying the first general fix suggested out there, the fm transmitter.

It is not the best nor the most convenient solution.

Still searching, I found this at Amazon~a Sirius Wired FM Relay Retail Package.

It appears to be primarily for auto but some reviews hint at being used at home as well.

I would love to find a clean, efficient fix so that I can set the others radios in my home (like I used to do in the early Sirius days) to 88.1 and hear the broadcast. That simple.

The new equipment has rendered those days gone and I find it hard to believe with out all the technical saavy and knowhow out there in this day and age ~ there isn't a better solution than the fm transmitter.


If anyone has tried this at home and can offer some feedback, I'd appreciate it. http://www.amazon.com/Sirius-Wired-R...pr_product_top