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Thread: Going Cheney on Climate

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    Going Cheney on Climate

    You would think skeptics could at least acknowledge that increasing clean energy would be a net positive for our country.

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    You got to admit John he makes a persuasive argument.

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    John you there? You read it? Or do you just LOVE to read your own words over and over. lol.

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    Please tell me whats wrong with Tom Friedman's argument?

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    Read something intelligent for a change.

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    Sorry but i just got to put this up at the top again. Too much logic to be ignored

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    You Cheney spooning, Beck tuning, palin tooting, Fox News dooping caveman.

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    Cheney spooning. John stop that. You, Cheney, and the Taliban sharing the same cave. How about that.

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    Can i substitute Cheney for batty John? lol.

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