Thats right the Trap money (under Bush) was only supposed to be for the bank bailouts and when paid back was supposed to goto paying down the national debt. Now as wee see that banks have started to pay the money back and even Obama said that it is going to yield profits. What do they want to do use it for stimulas II. Stimulas II, has many of the same ideas that Stimulas I had and they want to throw good money after bad.

This is the best of all miconceptions Obama and the democrats would like you to believe. That they pulled the country back from the brink and it was because of what he did that we are not in a depression.

The fact is he had 787 BILLION to do it and yes when you throw that kind of money into the economy then you are going to get something the PROBLEM????????? Bush spent less then a forth less and gave us the shortest, shallowest, recession in history and that with the tech bubble bursting and 911 on top of it all. Say what you will but time and time again every economist was amazed at how well our economy was doing after each hit to it.

The fact is it could have taken less money and less time and things would have been much better then they are today.

Dont believe me, look at who was NOT at the Obama jobs summit??????? Just 3 of the biggest organizations that represent most of the small bussinesses in the country. Who was 3+ of the biggest union organizations, unions, unions, just how many jobs have they ever created? Thats right, not one, for the most part they are parasites that latch on to bussinesses they had no investment in starting.