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Thread: This Decade is Warmest on Record, 2009 Ranks 5th

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    This Decade is Warmest on Record, 2009 Ranks 5th

    Of Course John will deny everything. LOL. He only believes what HE WANTS TO BELIEVE. No wonder this country has so many problems yet to be solved.

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    Sorry John you can cry all you want but these are the facts. Sorry you feel the need to deny the truth

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    Just the facts John. Just the facts.

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    And now all other scientific and independent observers are saying its true.
    The deniers have no legs to stand on.

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    Your going to have to store this one for eternity John. Get used to it. LOL.
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    You cant escape this one John no matter what you do.

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    You cave dweller you.

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    You cave dwelling, coal eating, science hating, Communist.

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    Werent you guy who said the world was cooling?

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    The warmest decade John. Not the coolest. Oh but i forgot you can ignore all Science because you are JOHN. LOL>

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