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Thread: Vinnie Politan..Aleternative To Stern?

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    Talking Vinnie Politan..Aleternative To Stern?

    Good day everyone:

    I want to draw everyone's attention to Tyler's wonderful article on the "genuine article"Vinnie Politan!

    Thanks Tyler, all of the 110ers are indeed pleased and proud to have been mentioned.

    An alternative to Stern? What a great idea and I think Vinnie is the one PERFECT for this sceanario. Sirius, are you listening?

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    Let's Face It

    Stern is not for everyone. I tune in and listen, but there are times when he is just a bit over the top, or the subject of the show is such that I want something else to listen to.

    When that happens, one would think that they can tune to Sirius Stars. However, in the morning drive slot there is no consistancy. I like Jay Thomas in the afternooon, and it is a a show i frequently listen to. I would love to have a show like Jay Thomas or Vinney in the morning drive slot.

    Sirius in my opinion NEEDS a full time morning drive show on Sirius Stars. How can Sirius Stars be billed as the flagship talk station and not have a regular morning drive show.

    Just my opinion, and I think Vinnie would be great at it. Vinnie is a quality radio guy. Sirius should sign him, promote him, and watch the listeners grow.
    Tyler Savery
    Satellite Standard Founder

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    Hello Tyler!

    I couldn't agree more! It makes sense and it probably won't happen because it does make sense. Sometimes I wonder who the "experts" are when it comes to programming in any media. Maybe I'm just too old and can't get with the program?

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