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    Rumor Has It

    There is rumor that some updated Sirius receivers may begin to be introduced in the coming months. Although as yet unconfirmed, there is speculation that Directed Electronics may be showing off the latest gear at a show in California sometime in July.

    Speculation is that there could be some new introductions which include added features and updated displays.
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    Any word yet?...

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    I tried to get some info out of Taylor from TSS but he is tight lipped. I'm sure we should start seeing some of the holiday new models by the end of the summer or in early September. I'm sure with the uncertaintly of the merger, they are waiting until the last possible moment as things could change.

    Besides the possibility of larger displays, I'd look for larger memory. I'd really like to see some bluetooth wireless headphones too. Bust like the title says it's pure Rumor.

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    I wouldn't expect any information on new products until they're about ready to be released. As we saw with the Stiletto (basically).

    Don't get your hopes up 'till November to be safe.

    I'm skeptical of this "show".
    1. Why has there been no word on it (you'd want to promote it, yes?)
    2. July is a bit early to announce a product that, if history repeats itself, won't be released until November or even December. ESPECIALLY when you're dealing with Sirius.

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    this maybe get pushed back , cause u dont want to suddenly release radios because of ala carte integration etc etc

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    Eton Unit Seems To Have Been Pulled

    The new Eton Es101 seems to have been pulled. Whether the move is permanentv or not is unknown. I wrote about it:
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