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Thread: This Years Global Temperature is on Pace to be the 6th Hottest on record

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    This Years Global Temperature is on Pace to be the 6th Hottest on record

    Next year will probably be even hotter. The whole world is concerned but John and the right wing in this country are only concerned about scoring POLITICAL points.
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    John will next try to say that the whole of the climate scientist community has fixed the thermometers of the world. LOL..

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    Stop sticking the thermometer in the freezer before you put it into the air.

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    Just the facts. Nothing but the facts.

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    NO matter how much you try to distract from the facts you wont be able to escape the fact that over the next 2 years your thesis that the global temperature has been cooling will be proved decisively wrong. You got 2 years to get your excuses ready.

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    I am going to stick this fact in your face until you cry uncle. LOL.

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    Here it is again.

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    Getting hot in this room. Got to take off my clothes.

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    Its ALL unravelling. lol.

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    John's sweating being found out to be a fraud. What was that you said about the globe cooling?

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