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Thread: Climate Change Cover-up? You Better Believe it!

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    Climate Change Cover-up? You Better Believe it!

    Science and facts are those things most ignored by the "denier" crowd.

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    Cant wait to see what John says in one month when the facts are in and 2009 turns out to be one of the hottest in recorded history. Do you think he still will spew the falsehoods about the earth cooling in temperature over the last decade? Oh dont worry no matter what the science shows he will be sure to deny it. Pathetic and sad.

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    John is just another in a long line of right wing chickenhawks who wont put their money where their mouths are.

    John why wont you come onto this thread and bet me on the temperature for the globe for the next two years? Aint the answer obvious?

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    John you can try to distract all you want from the facts but they are going to be increasingly understood. Why do you think all of the industrialized countries of the world are in agreement. What are you the Taliban of America?

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    John lets be a little clearer. You are a bald face iiar.

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    Isnt this fun? You bet!

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