Hello. I could really use some expert information. I have been a Sirius subscriber since Howard Stern first hit the Sirius air. I bought an Xact Streamjockey receiver. I could put any radio in the house on 88.1 and get the Sirius broadcast. Fast forward to recent times and my Xact model (the 3rd by now) was basically "scotchtaped" together-couldn't change channels, power on, etc. I decided to treat myself to an upgrade. I finally decided on the boombox and the Stratus 6. Wonderful-with one exception. The feature that I use as much as the Sirius itself ~ getting the broadcast on any radio in the house ~ was not happening. Long story longer, after several trips back to the store and research time, I learned that the reason this is happening is because the fm transmitter has been significantly reduced in power in the newer radios. This Stratus 6, in fact, would not even open the "fm settings" category. So here is where the experts could enlighten me. I would be just as happy getting an earlier model but could anyone tell me with certainty which models still have the fm transmitter that allows the signal to be picked up by all the home radios? Thanks so much in advance.