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Thread: Inhofe's Climate Change Hoax

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    Inhofe's Climate Change Hoax

    The climate change skeptics will increasingly be seen as hoaxsters and not the other way around. Just stick around and watch what happens to temperatures during the next several years;the acidification of the ocean and rising ocean levels etc. etc. etc. They can have their fun now but the joke will be on all of us.

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    Johns grasping at straws. In fact he is in a downright rush to do so.
    Unfortunately dangerous trends in the environment due to climate change and global warming are a fact, and the more you know the science the more you understand that.
    The next 2 years should give us great insight into rising temperatures. Watch what the countries of the world do and not what ideological skeptics shout about.

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    Did i say he's in a rush to deny, deny, deny? LOL>

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    If you read up on inhofe you will shake your head at some of the things he has said in his career.

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    Its all here in black and white. Dont avoid it John.

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    It aint going away no matter how many threads you post on the exact same subject.

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    There is only word to describe Inhofe. CRACKPOT!

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    I was wondering what it means when you have to put everything in bold to get your point across? Insecure?

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