Since becoming a member of this board I have learned many things about Sirius I didn't know before. It's a great board with some great people! Since this is a forum for technical questions, I thought I'd post this and see what you guys can tell me.

I have never called Sirius about this issue because quite frankly it doesn't bother me all that much. Here's my issue. I live in a rural area. The nearest neighbor to me is a 1/2 mile on either side. I get wonderful crystal clear reception EXCEPT during a certain time of the day. This is a consistent interruption of the signal everyday at the same time period no matter the weather. The interruption begins irregularly for only a few seconds and then 5 minutes into it I loose the signal totally. This interruption of total reception lasts about 5 minutes. Then slowly the interruption once again becomes intermittent for a few more minutes and then back to normal. I listen to my Sirius before bed and sometimes into the night. This has only occurred at night and always around 11:40 p.m. (central time). Any guesses as to what the cause of this is? (other than a ghost LOL) As I said this is an issue I'm used to and no harm done, just curious if anyone can explain this.