Hello again and thank you for the quick replies and warm welcome:

I don't mean to be a pest, but I would like to take some information back to the 110ers.com website so that we know who to contact, and how to contact them. At this point many there believe that the contacts we have made to Sirius customer care regarding our displeasure about losing Channel 110 are merely ignored. Rome was not built in one day. Business is business. Money is money. According to what little I have found out, Sirius and XM's peak listener time is the morning drive time, the time when the former Court TV channel 110 broadcasted "The Morning Show" a/k/a "The Vinnie Show". After that time slot, Court TV carried audio of live trial coverage and would loop the programming all day so that if you missed it at one time, you could tune in at a later time and catch up. this was ingenious and many of us didn't appreciate it until it was gone. There is a huge market for trial coverage, legal issues and a good Morning Show to start the day. If Court TV decided not to broadcast over Sirius then there was noting Sirius could do. However are there any plans for replicating the "Court TV" format on a different channel? Having the Court TV channel pulled out from under you was not a good PR move for Sirius. At least in my neighborhood. As I wrote earlier, I hope some of you look into Vinnie Politan and into the live trial coverage programming. Not everyone can watch TV during the day and not everyone can access a a computer for private viewing at the workplace. That's why the Court TV channel was so popular. If the merger goes through is there a "better chance" that these 2 giants will consider bringing live trial coverage back to radio? You are some of the stockholders. Did you even have a chance to hear Channel 110? Along with Vinnie's morning show and the daytime anchors at Court TV, Sirius had a winning combination. Does Sirius really need Court TV to put that together?

Thank you!