Ladies and Gentleman:

I am writing as a spokesperson for the website and Message Board. "The Vinnie Show" aired on Sirius Channel 110 until December 21, 2007. Then, without warning, Vinnie Politan announced, during his Christmas program, that his show was canceled. I don't think stock holders of Sirius realize how many people that decision affected. Truck drivers from all over the US, millions of them, listened to "The Vinnie Show" every day! I am not a truck driver. I am an Minnesota housewife. People like me, in every walk of life, loved the Vinnie Show. To show you how loyal a fan base Vinnie has, I invite all who read this to come to our website and read the posts regarding Vinnie and his entire crew. What an innovative blend law and humor with a touch of "family". Vinnie was the nicest on air personality I have ever listened to! Have you ever listened to his show? He made life long friends with all his listeners.

I understand Howard Stern's personality and the fan base he has and the reasons for it. I am not condeming the show at all. I have listened to Howard on occassion. It appears from the Forums here that one can only post about his show. That is understandable given his world wide fame. Perhaps only numbers are important to Sirius. But know this! There are millions of listeners who appreciated the excellent programming that once was on Channel 110. We loved the trial coverage, Forensic Files and most of all "The Vinnie Show"!

But for me and millions of others, we are left hanging. We depended on "The Vinnie Show" to keep us up to date on trial events and to educate us in matters of law. It is hard to believe, that Vinnie Politan, the on-air anchor of the now TruTv Bloom & Politan and the radio talk show host of "The Vinnie Show" are one in the same! I commend the program director and creator of such a fine idea! I am posting here to anyone who will listen that the 110ers DEMAND Vinnie's return to the Sirius air ways! It matters not which channel you place him on, just give him the same format, the same crew and let that man made you millions! PLEASE RETURN VINNIE TO SIRIUS RADIO!

I cannot speak for all of the millions of listeners, I can only convey what the majority of Vinnie's listeners who are members of the website and Message Board are saying. But I know I speak for the masses when I say we all have in common the love of good decent and informative entertainment and the warm "family" feeling Vinnie Politan gave his listeners. He is sadly missed.

If any of you listen to your listeners, then give them the programming they pay for. RETURN VINNIE POLITAN TO SIRIUS!

Please go to the website at

Please read the posts and post there and ask what the members think of Vinnie! Please post there and tell us how to get Vinnie Politan back on Sirius!

We will not go without a fight!