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Is it a factory receiver? You will need an aux input either in the front (headphone jack) or the rear of the unit (rca jack) but, these are not common on factory radios. If it had a cd changer jack in the back of it you could probably get a cd to rca cable adapter and run an rca to headphone cable from there. I actually use an rca-to-headphone to plug my sportster into the back of receiver. I hope I understood your question... feel free to elaborate.
I hope your response was to my question; if not forgive me for jumping in here. The 07 dodge ram does have an aux input jack. We are wanting to avoid installing another antenna to use the starmate since the truck already has a sirius antenna. I have contacted someone who is going to make me a cable to run from the brainbox to the antenna input on the starmate's cradle. Thanks for your help!