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Thread: "Global Warming's Impacts Have Sped Up, Worsened Since Kyoto"

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    "Global Warming's Impacts Have Sped Up, Worsened Since Kyoto"

    Good thing you put a question mark at the end of your thread John (and Stang) LOL.
    This was a report that was posted yesterday (Nov 22, 2009).
    Right wing conspiracy theories aside, the facts will reveal themselves.
    I cant wait to see what the temperature is for the globe over the course of the next 2 years. That should do away with this nonsense that the globe is getting
    colder. Want to bet?
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    Cant wait for the end of this year and the end of next. The temperature figures for the globe will put John and all other climate change deniers on the defensive. But have no fear, if they cant blame it on a volcano eruption maybe they will blame it on an earthquake.

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