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Thread: AP assigns 11 reporters to find 6 things wrong on Palins Book.

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    AP assigns 11 reporters to find 6 things wrong on Palins Book.

    First things first they dont even get half of those correct they state that palin says she hardly ever stays at a high end hotel. What does the AP find and say about that fact being wrong well they bring up one time were she did. I think the AP forgot the word in there was HARDLY, and not NEVER.

    On another 2 things the AP does not even qoute Palin book it is just what they think she has said.

    So lets get this straight they put 11 reporters on a book and only find 6 items that are questionable, thats not even 1 fact checked per reporter on a 400 page book. The Fact is if the AP would have done a fact check on Gores book and following movie noone would have read/watched ether. No then again it takes something like a British court to find 12 things that Gore OUT and OUT lied about.

    That fact check was it was as bad as CNN doing a fact check on a SNL skit.

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    It appears that once again Havakasha (lloyd) has a problem (not with counting) but with doing research into what he would like to call facts and what is not. Of the list that the AP uses that state Palin went rogue on there are only six that can be found out of a 695 page book that are really more misleading then not true.

    Here is a perfect example (IN THE FIRST EXAMPLE THE AP USES NO LESS) the AP would like you to think when Palin says "not often going for the high-end, robe-and-slippers hotels", that that means she NEVER did it. I think the AP with 11 reports would be able to know what the words "NOT OFTEN" mean. The AP finds ONE example and calls that OFTEN. Lets remember that there were 11 AP reproters assigned to this story and many more that went TOTALLY through her life and they could only find ONE example of her staying in a high priced hotel.

    As a side note: I am wondering if Obama who has been eating 100 dollar a pound beef and spending 2.5 million to take his wife out for JUST ONE NIGHT OUT on the town in New York, would consider 707 dollars a night for a hotel high priced.

    In the end take a look for yourselves:

    Now one would think when FACT checking a book they would be using qoutation marks up the wazoo, RIGHT, in at least MOST to ALL of the things the AP is saying palin said in the book. The problem is take a look, MOST of the time they dont even have anything directly from the book and when they do it is mainly only one or two words in qoute marks (what they couldn't put the whole fricking sentence in).

    So like I said there are at most 6 things that are at most misleading. I think if I go and look back at Obamas campaign I can find at least 26 things he has TOTALLY flip floped on or TOTALLY lied about.

    Here are just a few right off the top of my head.

    1) He said he would use funds from the government to run for president.

    Fact: when he realized he was going to have an advantage instead of a disadvantage he switched that promise.

    2) He would not use lobbiest in his administration.

    Fact: Nancy Dunn and Axle Rod (his former company that still owes him 10 million dollars some how got over the government ad campaign for health reform) and at least a dozen others are directly linked to lobby groups or their former companies. Lets also not forget about Andy stern (SCIU) who has had 22 visits to the White House in the last 8 months (just emagine, the out rage, if the head of Haliburten had visted the White House that much in 8 years with Bush, much less in 8 months).

    3) He said that they would have open forums on health care reform and that they would be on CSPAN so everyone could see who was working FOR you and AGAINST you.

    Fact: Not only did they not let us see but EVERY rebulican senatoe and congressman was kept out. Not only did that happen but most of congress was kept out.

    4) Most open and transparent administration ever.

    Fact: It has been one of the most closed and blocked walled administration ever. As an example it took the "freedom of information act" to get the truth about what the administrations OWN study said Cap and Trade would REALLY end up costing us (2,780 dollars a year and not the 186 dollars Obama said it would and that was AFTER HE SAW THE VERY SAME REPORT WE DID (I wont even get into that BLATANT LIE)).

    5) Obama said several times he wanted a single payer plan in health care reform

    Fact: Obama had tried to tell us that he never said those things!!!!!!!! Opps I guess he forgot that this is the 21st centruy and things get recorded.

    Now I could go on and on without even getting into the out right lies and misrepresentations that he has made in just the last 9 months but I think you get the point. Just remember I am just ONE man and not evem an AP reporter, I guess that is a good thing otherwise I would get my facts mixed up.

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    Now we know John cant count past 6. Thats an awful shame for a stock picker.

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    OK dumbass lets see if you can count pass 6. Show me more then 6 facts that are not true in Palins book and support the facts that are not true with qoutes from the book were she says what the AP says she is saying because after the AP got the definition of the word "often" wrong I dont trust their defintion of anything they THINK Palin said.

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