Julie, Bill, Dave, Ramsey, Chuck, LT, Andy, Herd, Bass and anyone else that I forgot!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Good Food, Family, Football, and a little Alcohol makes for an outstanding day!

Bill- you never cease to amaze us her on the buzz...medical school, corporate world, contractor, vegetarian, chef, comedian, and Marine!

However, can't get the picture of the dog humping your leg out of my mind!

Julie- thank you for the prayers for my daughter! Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

Dave- Thanks for the TA. don't understand it that well...but always interesting and thorough!

Bass- Thanks for your DD on this thread! Your insight has really been helpful!

Andy- your generousity is truely amazing! We need more pictures! Alaska is beautiful!

Chuck- we may not see eye to eye politically...but your a good dude. your common sense/logic makes it easy to see why your so successful in the stock market.

Ramsey- dude...thanks for bringing a unique perspective to the daily market thread!