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Good morning, Fellas, and Julie, Too

I here you, Chuck, on thinking twice about selling at the bottom. Frankly, the more that I think about it...it would appear that I royally messed up on a few of these pennies.

Well, ASFX especially. I, literally, bought in at the high and sold at the low. When I bought, I thought for certain that it would shoot the moon with the sharps bill being accepted. Little did I realize that the pop already happened.

Anyway, I just couldn't look at it anymore...lesson learned *on that* over and out.


My other pennies...SPNG, BCLE, BEHL, QASP...I have reasonably 'okay' buys. So, I'm not so ashamed ;-)

Although, I should note that I have sell orders in on all but SPNG. And with the sponge, I'll be selling it, too, as soon as that damned 10k comes out ;-) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha -- Laughing In My Head

Speaking of the sponge...


I'd laugh, but...okay, I'll laugh -- cause it's actually pathetically funny.


so, yeah...have a great day folks...

Hey Rams,

Who in the world is the "Circuit Girls" ?

Don't they know about water and electricty?