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Thread: This must be the new commercial

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    This must be the new commercial

    It's on the home page for both Sirius and XM

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    Muscle to Host Sirius Buzz Radio

    Excellent! Great promo!

    Nice find Muscle . . .

    Hey Muscle . . why dont you talk to Spence & Roc about hosting the radio show? I think you'd be great! You've had the best call-ins I've heard in all the time I have been listening . . you know the product . . you can do it by phone I think . .

    I'd tune in to listen . .

    Go for it!

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    Thanks. I like the way the commercial differentiates Sirius content from all other radio.

    I think very highly of Spencer (and I can't stand most on the internet LOL), but I am no radio host. I certainly would like to hear Spencer on the radio show again. I think he has a lot to offer. Smart guy who gets it. Doesn't have the investor background in the radio business, but he does get it. Very few on the net do.

    Please don't call it a product. It's radio.

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    For the record, that commercial was on the 8PM est NE vs IND game today but, I only saw it once.
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