Came to the sirius site to purchase a cool sat radio for my truck. I choose the 59.00 radio, I wanted to change the subscription from 2 years paying monthly to a full year payment. So I select from the drop down menu "1 year for 149.00, my total is now 159.00 ............ I get two 179.00 charges!!!

What I thought I was getting was a radio and 1 year subscription for 179.00 I called and the foreign guy tells me in broken english that Im getting charged 179.00 and 179.00 because I changed from 2 year subscription to 1 year so the price of the radio went from 59.00 to 179.00 plus the 1 year price 179.00 again.... HOLY COW!
If I would have known I was gonna end up paying almost 400 bucks for a stupid radio I would have never even came to this site.

If I would have known this I would have bought a radio from ebay for 5 bucks and got a subscription from sirius for 179.00 errrggg!