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Thread: Stewart Catches Hannity Falsifying Footage

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    Stewart Catches Hannity Falsifying Footage

    Can you believe this guy? Can't even be honest about a little thing like the
    # of people attending a protest march. You can only imagine what else they
    are lying about.

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    I actually watched this and was blown away. Politics aside, this is something that should be looked into and deemed criminal. When the news is purposefully and premeditatedly misleading it becomes a dangerous weapon. Are their any rules/laws against this type of thing?
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    I dont believe there any laws against this, but i am not really sure. Maybe they can be fined. They sure as hell were quick to fine CBS (?) when Janet jackson inadvertently flashed her breast. I ask you which of those two events is more harmful to this country?
    Hannity had no choice but to admit tonight that it was an "inadvertent mistake". Nonsense. Michelle Bachman and Hannity were there watching as the footage was being played and knew damn well that it was footage from another rally.
    Its simply amazing that it took John Stewart from COMEDY CENTRAL to bring attention to this. What the hell is wrong with our mainstream media?
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    Here is Hannity's mea culpa.
    This is hardly the first time that Fox news has lied about political rallies.

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    Here is John Stewarts reaction to Hannity's apology. Funny and insightful as usual.

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    This was the beginning of a concerted effort to call Fox on their lies.

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    Sorry. Last time i bump this to the front of the pack. Promise. But its just so sweet to see Hannity busted.

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