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    He did a masterful job on the Olympics in Utah, and was governor of my state (Massachusetts) for a while. I feel he is Presidential material, but am not sure that he resonates with enough of America to become elected.

    The man has business sense, and knows how to get things accomplished.
    Tyler Savery
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    Agreed but, his magic underwear will be his downfall.

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    I'm Not So Sure

    While religion is indeed important to many, people have more and more become at least respectful of other religions, and seem more capable of voting outside their religious beliefs.

    Romney has handled the religious issue well in the past, and I think he will continue to do so.
    Tyler Savery
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    Romney for President

    A perfect republican ticket would be Romney for President, McCain - Vice.
    Its also a good balance of faiths.
    We might see Romney/McCain bumper stickers soon, well I hope anyway.
    I agree with you Tyler, he handles himself well, at every angle.
    I like Romney, and I am so not a mormon, but I'm also not a holy roller either. How can I knock a mans religion when I barely have one of my own.
    I have a personal relationship with the lord, and thats as far as it goes. I definitely don't want a former minister as president, cause I know how they can be. I do not want another Bible belt wrapped around this country.
    I do not care if Romney flip flopped on abortion, its a stupid issue that shouldn't be an issue, real issues are economics, foreign policy, and domestic policy. If a woman wants to sell her soul, thats her "personal" issue, abortions will always be done whether a president is for or against it, if they make it illegal, there will just become a huge blackmarket, we've seen that before, we know where that goes.
    I also don't care if he had illegals mowing his lawn, hell who hasn't.
    Is that all they have on Romney, they better come stronger than that.
    Romney stands tall and strong, speaks well, admits he doesnt know it all, but promises to surround himself with quality people. I like the guy, and I will most likely vote for him. McCain also as a running mate, cause he is stout on foreign policy knowledge, and will fill the voids on where Romney lacks. Both men are quality, and thats what we need. We dont need floating crosses, or profiteers of 911.
    I like a Romney / McCain ticket and hope to see it, so I can run to the polls, and beat the Hil-da-beast.
    -Jason Lantz
    Austin, TX
    Long Sirius, Long Conservatism
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    McCain/Lieberman ticket would be a shoe in team. I don't think McCain could get the nomination. The rest of field of Republicans suck. I'm a staunch Republican.

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    Romney McCain Ticket

    That ticket would have some appeal, and if they did it sonner rather than later, it would gain fast support.

    Guiliani skipping Iowa was a huge mistake for him. The further south you go, the less appeal he will have, and he will likely never get much support from religious folks, not that religion is a huge issue, but pockets of this country are religious, and VOTERS.

    Clinton's Loss in Iowa is huge. Obama just raised his creds with his performance in Iowa.

    In my opinion, McCain is can not win the ticket. He has tried too many times and come up short. His shot is as a VP, and he will resonate with people.

    Ron Paul is a wild card, and time will tell.

    Huckabee will resonate with religious folks, but his appearance on Lleno during the writers strike will hurt him as time passes. His claim that he did not know that Jay's writers were on strike in my opinion is BOGUS. How could he not know? Does he not have people that follow these things? The answer is he knew, and went any way. That is what the masses will think, and a minister lying or seeming to lie is not a good thing for his image.

    Thompson. Stop campaining and save money and air time.

    Edwards - not gonna happen.
    Tyler Savery
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