This stock just drives me CRAZY. When will we see a up tick in the price? I have never seen a stock so beat down as this one . Sirius got me interested in trading about two years ago, and I have been a fast study on how alot of this works. I have done OK on other stocks stocks that are lesser known and have less up side as Sirius yet this Sirius stock just keeps shooting it's self in the foot.

It's a good product, has a huge potential, customers in general like the product, has a small churn number, and has good customer awareness. Has shown some good cost cutting abilities, and yet if one guy from Greenville SC fails to renew it's all over the bad news charts. If God and Jesus ran this company detractors would point out that Jesus sandles were too open toed or Gods robe was too brite.

I'am hanging in I like the product.I'am buying more today