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Thread: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent

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    Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent

    No matter what your political slant, here is where you can talk about it. What makes one party better than another? Are the ideologies of the political parties changing? Give us your thoughts.
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    Is there one party that is better than the other ?

    The only thing I can say is that the GOP had their chance they had absolute rule for 6 LONG years from 2000 till 2006 . All three branches were under their control and they even had the majority in the Supreme Court judges who were appointed by GOP presidents.

    With this momentous opportunity , finally being able to push their agenda across unfettered by the dreaded liberals for the good of the country , having a strangle hold on power and virtually their own 24 hour a day news channel to spread their propaganda . All they needed to do was do some of the publics bidding and instead we got sold out to the oil , gas , defense and big pharmaceuticals corporations all the while flipping off the constitution and our rights to boot.

    And the Democrats instead of having the courage of their convictions to stand up to these injustices and transparent abuses that were being perpetrated against us on an almost daily basis stood by helplessly and in some cases aided their GOP counterparts in extorting the public and circumventing the constitution . And when they meekly and quietly did disagree they were quickly and decisively quieted by the likes of thieves like George Bush , Bill Frist Tom Delay and Dennis Hastert .

    So is one party better than another ?

    I don't know but the one thing I learned since the year 2000 is not to give the GOP absolute power unless you laid in a family size barrel of vaseline !!!
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