I agree that the iphone app is not a game changer...neither is the skydock...However, these new items will help to increase the mass appeal of SXM. All of the analysts call SXM a 1 trick pony due to being so heavily tied into the OEM auto market. The iphone app and skydock will help broaden the appeal of the retail market...where SXM has been lacking as of late! Also, the iphone app helps to reduce the SAC costs due to no payment for a chipset! The skydock has a chipset so therefore...hurts SAC costs some!

Where the iphone app comes into play is internationally...Looks like UK will be adding millions of iphones in the near future...if SXM/Liberty(worldspace purchase) can tap into those phones...possibility is endless!

Also, do not forget...the skydock also works with ipod touch 2nd/3rd generation! Potential for significant increase in subs over next several years!