Thats right for most of the poor in America there is SCHIP and Medicade. There are not any kids that have parents that cant afford healthcare are not covered by SCHIP. Hell THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE 24 YEARS OLD THAT STILL CAN BE COVERED BY "SCHIP". Most others have medicade, is it perfect, no it is far from that but it is FREE for them.

Here for those that still dont get it, Medicade sucks. That is why in the stats that are used for the USA they come from using MEDICADE stats, we are number 37 in the world using the same stats they now want us all to be put under. YOU THINK THAT IS A TERRIBLE RATING, RIGHT. WELL THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT TO PUT US ALL UNDER and unlike the poor YOUR GOING TO PAY THROUGH THE NOSE FOR IT.

There has been state after state after state that has tried this kind of government health care and the results have been terrible. They have gone from rationed care to cutting the care to just out and out cutting the system out all together.