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Thread: CBO:House Health Bill saves 104 Billion dollars

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    CBO:House Health Bill saves 104 Billion dollars

    I am sure all those people who said it would cost us money and add to the the deficit will now apologize for misleading the American people.

    "... more politically and substantively important, the bill is projected to reduce the deficit in both the first 10 years and the second 10 years after enactment."

    "Over the first 10 years, revenues and savings are projected to exceed new spending (aka it reduces the deficit) by $104 billion."
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    Let us all take notice once again of John's technique. lol.Doesnt answer in the thread i started. Cant come up with a challenge to CBO. Cant come up with a serious answer to challenge the AP solicited blind independent study on global cooling. Whats the guy to do? i think we know. He changes into --- Insult man.

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