I will give you my definition. I believe it is someone that has been shown the facts of record and has been shown that his studies and estimates have been proven to be wrong because of those same RECOPRDED FACTS as time has gone on shows that they have NOT come true and then still dismisses those results and throws any and everything that shows he was wrong, under the bus as they come up. It is someone that has got to keep changing his terminology (case in point: Global warming now changed to climate change) to fit the new FACTS OF RECORD. Look at what they have done now their own head scientist NOW says almost exactly what I have been saying for 6 month that the earth is going into a cooling trend for the next 10 to 20 years and what do they do they dismiss him or say that is not what he is saying. The facts he is now saying his prior estimates were wrong they will no longer even come close to what the UN IPPC said it would be. It has been proven Gore flat out lied in most of his film, yet even after all that they still blindly believe in those global warming theories.

A flat earther is not a person that says man is NOT responsible for global warming.

A flat earther is a person that says man IS responsible for global warming.

Facts make the difference. Facts are not on the man made global warming side,they are on the side that man is NOT responsible for global warming. That the earth has gone through worse tempiture changes to both sides well before man was on the earth and will continue to go through those changes if we are here or not.

Fact tempitures were much higher before then they are and have been in the last hundred years. Man was not on the planet then so what caused it then, if man is the answer.