Dear mister start a thread and get 8 pages of replies(4 pages on my pc,20post per page)Sirius Roadkill.

My name is Johnnyirishxm and i am a registered lobbyist for the card carrying Librarians of America which this Mister John is NOT a member and has no bussiness citing these links and research articles of which we have no confirmation are true,(Homer has not Confirmed it yet),so i am asking Charles and Spencer to please Ban this John character until we can confirm his info and check his card..

I also represent Microsoft and MS office which contains Word product,of Which this john character again has shed a bad light on our product by not using the spell check version of said software and these 15 inch post he types up in word and pastes on this forum are a violation of common logic and decency,as said mis-user of word so amply demonstrates here.

Now as for this LLOyd(havasuska) character,we have no problem with his research as we know it is false and bears no ill will to My clients(Librarians),but it actually drives people to the library to find out the truth about Climate change and non-economically viable Hybrid currently made..

So in conclusion,we would appreciate all matters being Mister John,banned and cease and desist from being published here,hence your only highjacking warning you will recieve on this matter,we now return you to regular programming,the CARSON Hockey puck...

P.S. ho numnuts