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Thread: A lesson of being aware

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    A lesson of being aware

    I would like to tell you about a few days of my high school years. I was in a political science class where 3 teachers had brought the classes together three times a week to lecture. During this time at the very beginning of the class year they came up with this cause that they wanted to tell us about and as the class went on through the days they progressively got many and many more in the class to take on this certain cause as their own as a matter of fact there were a total of two of us that still fought against it. This got to the point where they were ready to take a class field trip to the State House where they said they were going to be discussing the issue. The issue was about forcing sterilization on welfare recipients. Thats right, FORCE welfare recipients to be sterilized. They tried to get the other guy and myself to go and said that if we wanted to go then we had to sign a pledge of agreement. He and I told them that if that was what we had to to to go then count us out. The point is we were look at by the rest of the people in the classes as out cast and they could not get why we were so against this (now remember he and I were 2 out of about 100). Well to make a long story short the day of the trip they all went to the lecture hall and instead of a trip to the stat capital they had a film they wanted us to watch. the name of the film?????? was "The Wave" for those that dont know about it you should look into it but to get to the moral of it and what the teachers were trying to teach us was when people say how could so many be fooled by someone like Hitler, it was not so difficult for them to get 98% of those 3 classes to believe in FORCED sterilization of people. Think about that, they got 98% of the students to believe that certain people (recieving government aid) should be forced to have their ovaries removed. Needless to say after the movie many of the girls in class were in tears and the guys were very upset that these trusted teachers deceived them. I dont really know if they really got the point behind it or if they were just mad because they felt the teachers deceived them so badly.

    The point to that was dont fall into the senseless cow herd mentality think for yourselves.

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    Talking of being aware.
    Did you know that the AP solicited an independent blind study to see whether or not global cooling was actually taking place? There findings were negative. Global warming is taking place. This year (2009) is on pace to be the "6th
    warmest on record" and some are predicting that 2010 might be the hottest year ever.

    Here is that study. You can run but you cant.



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    This is what I am talking about when I say be aware.

    Now I am sure before I told you in a prior thread that NASA out right lied about its findings and then changed them when they were discovered to have lied, that no major press (besides FOX) covered that correction. Lets remember this is not some hoax or something that you have to believe some blog on but that NASA came out themselves and said they made the mistake and changed their own figures.

    The figures are in and they clearly show that the tempitures are coming down in the last 10 and 11 years. I dont have to be a statition to draw a line of average tempitures. I do it all the time with the general direction of certain stocks, ask relmor it is not that hard to do. While there are some figures to both the highs and lows it is the average that you follow to see a trend.

    Now just look at the picture behind him it clearly shows what the trend has been. It clearly shows that for the last 10 years it has been going down and not up as the UNs IPPC says it should have gone. But wait there is more if you notice The UN IPPC study says that tempitures will continue to go up, unfortunatly their own head climate scientist said that for the next 10 to 20 years tempitures will actually start to come down or stay close to the same. All that with the amount of CO2 still going up. The fact is the UN estimates on man made global warming has been proven wrong to the facts that have come out latter in time. They will continue to be wrong if what your own head UN scientist now says will happen and what I told you would happen 6 months before he said it.

    The facts are that the earth has gone through warming and cooling trends for thousands and millions of years. Fact is the earth has been warming since the little ice age that ended almost 200 years ago. I ask anyone here, how did man contribute to CO2 levels back in 1850 (besides being alive and breathing) tempitures have gone up by far further percentages back then compared to now yet there were no factories, electric plants, or even half of the people that there are now. How to you explain that global warming Havakasha. I know you people like to use the major Hurricanes in the recent to say it is proof of global warming caused by humans, well how do you explain the worse Hurricanes (in relation to latitude) in the 30s, 40s and 50s. P.S. I know you are going to say, well I like how you used "in relation to latitude", I will just remind you that the "History Channel" has a show called "Mega Disasters" where they talk about one of the worst kinds of Hurricanes that would be caused by global warming increase is one that actually comes up the East Coast and strikes New York just like the ones I talked about "in relation to latitude".

    Finally there is a reason that I was one of 2% of that class that would not fall into the populas view, that reason is I know what is right and what is wrong. I have always been able to see that for the most part that is why I have been able to call things that have happen with SIRIXM so many times before they happen. I dont like to tute my own horn (what the hell, yes I do) but for those that have known my postings, I was the only one to say anything about how big the used car market was going to be (to already paid for revenue) well before anyone else to include even the company which then said it for the first time a month later in a CC.

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