I would like to tell you about a few days of my high school years. I was in a political science class where 3 teachers had brought the classes together three times a week to lecture. During this time at the very beginning of the class year they came up with this cause that they wanted to tell us about and as the class went on through the days they progressively got many and many more in the class to take on this certain cause as their own as a matter of fact there were a total of two of us that still fought against it. This got to the point where they were ready to take a class field trip to the State House where they said they were going to be discussing the issue. The issue was about forcing sterilization on welfare recipients. Thats right, FORCE welfare recipients to be sterilized. They tried to get the other guy and myself to go and said that if we wanted to go then we had to sign a pledge of agreement. He and I told them that if that was what we had to to to go then count us out. The point is we were look at by the rest of the people in the classes as out cast and they could not get why we were so against this (now remember he and I were 2 out of about 100). Well to make a long story short the day of the trip they all went to the lecture hall and instead of a trip to the stat capital they had a film they wanted us to watch. the name of the film?????? was "The Wave" for those that dont know about it you should look into it but to get to the moral of it and what the teachers were trying to teach us was when people say how could so many be fooled by someone like Hitler, it was not so difficult for them to get 98% of those 3 classes to believe in FORCED sterilization of people. Think about that, they got 98% of the students to believe that certain people (recieving government aid) should be forced to have their ovaries removed. Needless to say after the movie many of the girls in class were in tears and the guys were very upset that these trusted teachers deceived them. I dont really know if they really got the point behind it or if they were just mad because they felt the teachers deceived them so badly.

The point to that was dont fall into the senseless cow herd mentality think for yourselves.