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Thread: Fox Poll: Majority blames Bush for Economy

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    Fox Poll: Majority blames Bush for Economy

    Everyone knows it except 6% John. Whats up with that?
    Even your favorite station listeners know that this is Bush's recession. He
    handed Obama a goddamn mess.

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    John just cant handle the fact that the American people still understand the truth about the Bush recession. The truth will set you free John. Unburden yourself.

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    First I only have to say it is up from just 4% that blamed Obama for the economy just 3 months before. Second when you have the MSM that is clearly in the tank for Obama I am surprised that it went as high as it has as fast as it has. Lets just see what it is in 3 more months. Its gone from 4% that blame Obama to what, 6 times that now so if that trend continues it wont be long before people get it.

    Finally I find it amazing that over 60% in the same poll say the USA is heading in the wrong direction and Obama still has a 50% approval rating something about that just doesn't click for me.

    P.S. I see how you left out how that 4 times the amount of people now blame Obama from just 3 months ago.
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    Welcome back to responding to my threads. I knew i could shame you into it eventually since you seemed to make such a big deal about me ignoring yours.

    So it seems you're a part of that VERY SMALL minority that cant bring yourself to place the blame on Bush for our messed up economy. Whats up with that?

    Hey i was wondering if you caught the fact that Johnny, one of you're loyal servants, f'd up and used capital letters for multiple words like -- Cofirmation, Ban, Watch, Climate etc (yep there are more). i thought i would bring it to your attention because you seemed so concerned that I (lol) didnt capitalize the word i (lol). You better tell him that you are starting to question his intelligence. John, Aerosol.

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    I am actually really surprised by this poll. Hard to believe that only 18% blame Obama for the present economy considering how bad things are right now, and considering the pasting he gets everyday by Faux News. It seems that even many Republicans are being intellectually honest about whose recession this is. Then of course there is always John and the other right wing fanatics who would place blame on Obama even if McCain had got elected.

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