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Thread: Jim Cramer Book Review - Part 2

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    Jim Cramer Book Review - Part 2

    save yourself the money folks . . nothing new here . .

    Simply another Cramer tool used for cross-promotional purposes of his CNBC TV program . . which is a cross-promotional tool for his seemingly endless string of book tours . .

    You will learn infinitely more by logging into this site everyday (which is free) and reading the "Market Watch Thread"

    The hardcover is priced at $15.60 and has a really nice color picture of Jim himself saying "look at me . . look at me everybody . . I know everything!"

    At $15.60 . . . I must admit that it would be a good bathroom read . . but then again you could buy one roll of toilet paper and save the 15 bucks toward "Getting Back to Even"

    My recommendation: PASS
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