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Thread: Senator Lindsey Graham on Climate Change

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    "I cant imagine a nominee for either major party arguing to the public that climate change is not real and man is not contributing to it". "If they take that
    position, the public is going to really question their judgment."

    When a conservative Republican Senator from South Carolina says that you know that the only people who still question climate change are the wacko right wing fringe elements. It looks like things are moving in the correct direction on global warming legislation. Its about time.

    Dont try to tell me that Lindsey Graham isnt a conservative Republican. Is there anyone on this site that is going to take on what he has to say? I quess people prefer to run from it huh?

    Fair and balanced my ass.

    Those of you who love Fox news and extoll it constantly please answer the charge here. Its clear that Fox the tea bagging chearleader is not able to cover the news in an objective fashion. just one little example of many. Once again not one person of the right wing persuasion will be able to defend the Faux news channel.

    Anyone out there with the courage to take on Senator Graham. Tea baggers, birthers and all you other lunatics?

    If you cant defend Fox on this one then that makes you effectively a chicken.
    come on all Faux lovers.

    Still waiting.......
    I quess they have the right wing lunatics have called surrender.

    Still waiting....
    Always will be.... lol. The facts are painful arent they?

    Here it is John in case you missed it. Lindsey Graham is not a Socialist, a Communist, or a Fascist. He is a Southern Conservative Senator. Sorry but you are way out on the fringe limb on this subject.

    Isnt it funny how you can hear a pin drop when you present facts in an argument. Lindsey Graham is my fact here.
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    Please read Lindsey Graham's statement. Conservatives have a hard time refuting this because he is one of their own. Its pretty damning i think. Basically lets you know which way public opinion is moving on this issue. Kind of similar to gays in the military etc.

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