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Thread: As Dow nears 10,000 looking back at Beck's Prediciton

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    As Dow nears 10,000 looking back at Beck's Prediciton

    All the people (hint, hint) who believe that the President determines the stock markets rise and fall should now say that President Obama is brilliant. Beck was wrong, Republican predictions were wrong and all those hypocrites who trashed him when the market was down should bow to him now that it is up.

    Oh by the way i always argued that the stock markets numbers had to do with many factors other than who happen to occupy the oval office. Take it up with those other guys. LOL>

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    Lets be more direct. John got caught and once again he wont own up to it.

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    Just Sirius can you ask John if he was the one who argued that it was the President who had most influence over the stock market?
    Can you ask him since he blamed Obama for the low stock market at the beginning of his term if he now things Obama is a genius because the stock market is higher?

    Just having some fun. Have a great night.

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