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Thread: Obama Health Plan "is not socialized medicing"

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    Who do you think said that? None other than the former Republican Senator majority leader and physician Bill Frist. Even he is honest enough to speak some truth. The right wingers in this country ought to be ashamed of themselves for all the distortions taking place in the health care debate.

    I was hoping that there would be at least a few people who oppose the Congress health care plan that might address some of the distortions that the
    tea baggers and right wingers in general use against it. What do you think of Bill Frist's comment? I would really like to know

    Once again i present the quote of a Southern Conservative Senator on a subject that contradicts the right wing tea baggin, birthers. They have nothing to say.

    Like i said John cant even answer someone from a Conservative Republican
    point of view. Whats up with that?

    Not trying to be obnoxious but i strongly believe this thread shoujld be at the top of all threads until one single right winger takes on Bill Frist's comments.

    Does anyone like Just sirius or John have a response to the former Senate majority leader from the South. He happens to be a doctor who also worked for a bit in Britian, I am extremely disappointed in the lack of response to his comments up to this point.

    Just Sirius, if you dont respond to Bill Frist's statement then i am going to have to assume you have no answer to his statement. I understand that John's technique is to refuse to engage when he has been given a fact he cant respond to you or a quote that he cant deny.
    Dont make me put you in the same category. I thought we might be able to have more of a dialogue but i am losing hoooooooooooppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeee! lol. good night.
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    You are the only person online on the forums... no one is going to answer right now. If you would like to add to a previous post please feel free to click "edit" and do so. Please do not post 5 separate times in a row with no one else posting. This is for the benefit of all forum users.

    Thank you
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    Sorry. I was simply trying to draw attention to the fact that this is a very important quote by a former Republican Senate majority leader (who also happens to be a physician) who has essentially called out those who have tried to use the socialist label on the health care plan. It seems to me if they are going to shout socialist they should argue with Mr Frist. Of course i cant make them but it strikes me as hypocritical that the person (john) that complains about people responding to threads with new threads has been doing that all day.

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