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Thread: Quote: "I hope Mel is not Listening!" "Who?"

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    Quote: "I hope Mel is not Listening!" "Who?"

    Attached is a link to a 1 hour terrestrial radio broadcast (no commercials) that took place on Friday October 16, 1-2 P.M EST on 66 WFAN in New York . .

    This clip requires a little set-up for those of you that live outside of the New York/New Jersey/Conn listening area . .

    Until 14 mos ago, the best sports talk radio program in the country, for the prior 20 years, had been "Mike & the Mad Dog" with a terrestrial broadcast originating from Manhattan . .

    That all changed when Mel pursued Mad Dog . . and offered him a 5 year contract to run his own sports channel at Sirius XM . . Dog/Chris Russo was permitted to opt out of his WFAN contract early in order to accept Mel's offer . . which he did . . XM 144 for me.

    This past Friday . . former partners Mike Francesca and Chris Russo were both broadcasting live from Yankee Stadium . . and had adjoning booths!

    Chris/Mad Dog agreed to go on Mike's show for the first hour (1:00-2:00) as a surprise reunion of sorts . . take a listen . . even if you are not a sports fan . . you will learn a few things about working at Sirius XM . . . listen carefully . . . some interesting tidbits!

    Here's the link:
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