I have a hidden network here at work. I bought the Stiletto 2, and need to know if I only need the SSID, or if I need the password too? Does anyone know where to find the information. I am fairly computer illiterate, so simple is good .

Can I find the SSID off of a laptop that connects to the WIFI, most of the computers are hardwired, but there are a few laptops around that are not. If I log in to one of them, where is the information I need? Can I obtain the password from it too?

Any help is appreciated, it sucks not being able to listen to the radio, and only using the library function as it is a new unit, and I haven't been able to save all that much music on it yet.

I can't even add my own music to it because my home computer is running Win98SE, and the book says I need XP or Vista. Dang