Here first of all lets talk about Obama administration and the CBO was off on this years deficit by almost 1.5 TRILLION, JUST 5 MONTHS PRIOR. Next lets remember even a lib republican like Sen. Snow wont vote for it UNTIL the CBO has a chance to grade the bill in legislative language. Which even the CBO says it could add much more to the cost of the bill. Then lets not forget it leaves out 6% of the population from being covered. Now remember when I said there are really only about 5% of the population RIGHT NOW that is not covered because they rally cant get insurance. Lets not forget the Senate bill will TAX your insurance that you are getting now. Lets not forget that the senate bill will levy a TAX fine of 1,900 dollars per year on people that dont want the basic government approved insurance. There is going to be a EXTRA TAX on things like porcelain caps (and other such dental care), pace makers, and components for hip and joint replacements (which WILL BE PASSED DOWN TO YOU in higher premums and copays).

Those are just the beginning problems. Lets not forget that they still want to merge that bill with the other MORE COSTLY senate bill (out of the health and education committee).

Ho and its still not over because that merged senate bill then will have to be merged with the mother of all bills from the house which is more expensive then them all.

So in the end there are three things that will increase this bill:

1.) Putting it into legislative language.

2.) Merging it into the other more expensive senate bill from another committee.

3.) Merging that into the even more expensive House bill.

Also lets not forget that that is for 10 years and they are giving the extra taxes and medicare cuts a full 2 years to add up before the bill even gets put into action in 2013 til 2020.

I am so confedent that this bill will be scored by the CBO as over a trillion dollars when all is said and done, that I am willing to tell lloyd right here and now if they keep it under one trillion, I will not type another word in the political thread ever again.